How can Pokemon Go impact recruitment?

By Ollie Cook, 8th August 2016

If you haven’t heard about Pokemon Go by now, where on earth have you been?! It’s the craze that has taken the world by storm and it is showing no signs of slowing down; it is the most engaged app in the history of mobile. Currently, Pokemon users are more engaged than those on both Facebook and Snapchat, and they have already surpassed Twitter and Tinder users. 


​The concept of the app based game is a relatively simple one which utilises your mobile device in order to create a real and virtual hunt for hidden Pokemon. They can only be viewed through the app and your phone camera and you can hunt for them just about everywhere. When found, you capture them by throwing a Pokeball at them by swiping the screen of your device. The goal? The more Pokemon you have, the more powerful a player you become. To say the least, the game is addictive. But what does this have to do with recruitment?

An recent article from Vox tells us that 40% of Pokemon Go users are aged 25 and over, making it an incredibly unique tool, with which the specific audience of the passive job seeker can be engaged and targeted. Its far from conventional, but its definitely innovative.

Just as you would when recruiting in any other industry, it’s always a good idea to find a way to engage with industry-specific communities on social media as a way of building up your network. As well as playing the game, you can get involved with endless Facebook MeetUp groups (it has been confirmed that PokemonGo will soon feature in app groups and messaging). After doing this, you will be able to collect ‘Lures’(the ability to attract wild Pokémon to a PokéStop for a limited time). Put in context, think of these as being similar to social media spend on job ads. When using these, it is important to do so in a location that has lots of nearby Pokestops (places that allow you to collect items to capture more Pokemon), and lots of people. Pick a date and time, and make sure it has been promoted everywhere possible across all social media channels. Before you know it, you could be surrounded by wannabe Pokemon Masters and you will have your pick of a great talent pool of savvy millenials.

This could even be taken further and used for an impromptu careers fair, where you could maximise on company branding. Wise recruiters that are at existing career fairs will aim to set up as near as possible to a Pokestop, and will sponsor it with Lures throughout the day to ensure a steady footfall.

There has also been talk that you will soon be able to sponsor actual locations in Pokemon Go, not disimilar to Snapchat’s geofilters. This has the potential to take Pokemon Go’s use as a recruitment strategy to the next level as you would no longer need to use Lures and Pokestops to attract candidates, it would instead be a simple case of marking out your office or career fair location, sponsoring it and watching them flock to you.

Pokemon graphic

Okay, lets be serious... Maybe the future of recruitment isn’t in a game that began life almost twenty years ago as a childs cartoon. And maybe these ideas are taking the idea of reaching out to Millennials a little too far, but regardless of what your opinions of Pokemon Go are, there is no denying it has become one of the best ways to connect with people under 25. Maybe some of the truly tech-minded recruiters out there will run a Pokemon Go marketing campaign to engage with specific audiences, but whilst it has the potential to become a goldmine for talent, we aren’t there yet. Augmented reality is definitely the future and Pokemon Go has proven that the online environment is one as prone to change as the British summer weather.

For now at least though, let’s just focus on getting out there, being the very best and catching ‘em all.

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