As a world leader in test, measurement & monitoring technology, Tektronix work with global organisations across communications, computer, semiconductor, military/aerospace, consumer electronics, education and broadcast amongst others. When you view a website, click a mouse, make a call on your mobile or turn on a TV, you will experience Tektronix's work.

The Challenge
Tektronix has had a telemarketing team at their Bracknell office for more than 10 years. This team runs a wide range of lead generation campaigns throughout their European territories, right across Tektronix’s different product ranges.
Tektronix wanted to streamline their recruitment and was keen to establish a PSL of external consultancies to recruit for the very specific skill sets required within this department. With credible experience in recruiting language-specific telemarketing skills, Park Street People were one of those chosen to demonstrate their success in this niche. Due to the global focus of Tektronix, the main challenge was to be able to readily source individuals who had a strong track record in sales and marketing combined with well-developed technical skills as well as fluency in English and at least one other language.
The Solution
Park Street People took the time to understand the culture and values of Tektronix and also the team dynamics within the Telemarketing department, to ensure they could source not only skills and experience but also the right people fit too. Tektronix's core values include staff retention and longevity, so individuals with a high level of commitment and loyalty to a business were also important traits to the source. 
Due to the often technical nature of the Tektronix product/service offering, Park Street People also placed high importance on candidates who could demonstrate strong technical skill sets, as having these ensured they could hit the ground running quicker than a non-technical individual. To ensure only candidates offering the right combination of skills, experience, values and personality were short-listed, Park Street People put in place a long-term pipelining process. This ensured only the highest quality and most suitable talent were submitted.
The Outcome
By gathering extensive cultural and skills information at the outset of the business relationship, Park Street People were able to quickly create a specific talent pool, which could be contacted on a per-hire basis whenever Tektronix needed to recruit into their Telemarketing team.
Tektronix and Park Street People have now worked in partnership for some considerable time. The company has seen reductions in time to hire, due to the high level of background knowledge, thanks to our account management team’s wealth of insider knowledge on the best-fit requirements for the Telemarketing team at Tektronix.

I can rely on Park Street People to provide me with individuals with the skills and attitude to deliver results. The team take time to understand my requirements and match appropriate candidates – this means I spend less time reading CV's and more time training the new hires.

-Joy Jones, Tektronix