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Vacancy summary

Vacancy summary

Reference: 03697

Job Type: Permanent

Date Posted: 11 August 2016

CRM Consultant – Eloqua and The CRM Consultant will be responsible for providing daily campaign support to the Sales Team and will assist in the implementation, execution and delivery of all Eloqua campaigns. This will include handling all daily administration tasks and feeding back to the Campaign Manager so as to ensure successful delivery of the campaign. The Consultant will also be in consistent communication with the client ensuring that all data and reports are compiled and received correctly. They will also be responsible for assisting in the integration of the system with the Eloqua marketing automation tools and ensuring all information is correctly displayed and recorded within those systems. Responsibilities: -Serving as a marketing automation/CRM (Eloqua/ power user, spearheading sales & marketing campaign and data entry SOPs and framework for testing, execution of campaigns, reporting, and analysis - Tracking the flow of leads through the pipeline and working with the inside sales teams to ensure follow up and report impact/ROI of lead generation programs -Supporting/setting up and maintaining a technical architecture for campaigns -Auditing all campaigns to ensure they have been set up correctly and troubleshooting the cause -Extracting data and compiling reports using a combination of tools including Eloqua,, and Excel -Ongoing industry awareness and education around marketing automation best practices Qualifications: -Experience of software administration roles required, supporting database marketing and sales analysis programs for a software/technology company / Agency -Marketing automation experience -Experience of working with Eloqua marketing automation tools -Experience of working with CRM. ( certified administrator a plus) -Superior data analytical skills

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