Park Street People at Windsor Boys' School Career Day

By James Bessant, 24th March 2017

In March, two of our consultants, Ollie Cook and Iona Zaharieva, went to local senior school, Windsor Boys’, to offer their expertise, advice and guidance to the students. 


Ollie and Iona were asked to go along as part of a career-focused workshop that aimed to help students prepare for life after education. Windsor Boys is a secondary school in Windsor that was first opened in 1908 and has been educating young males ever since. It is partnered closely with Windsor Girls’ School and the two schools are the most common choices for secondary education in the local area.

Iona and Ollie spoke with around 20 students from years 11, 12 and 13 (GCSE to A2) between them in individual sessions and had a drop-in session towards the end in which students were free to come and ask any further questions they had. The students were all interested in applying for apprenticeships for varying reasons. During the individual sessions, they talked through what they were currently studying and what they were aspiring to after completing their education. Ollie and Iona gave them several helpful tips with regards to creating a strong CV, running over what to include and how to adapt it to the types of roles that they would be looking at- invaluable advice at any age! They also discussed the different ways in which they were looking for employment and how to write a strong personal profile- something that should be helpful to them both for writing their CVs and for writing their personal statements when applying to university.

Jo Lane, event organiser, had this to say:

I really appreciate the time Iona and Ollie gave up today to help the boys and I know it made an impact, so thank you. I will use and distribute your template amongst the boys and keep it for future use too.”

We thank the Windsor Boys’ School for inviting Park Street People to attend, and hope that our contribution was valuable! We wish all students the very best of luck with their future employment and university applications- you know where we are if you need us! 

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